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thatsharassment's Journal

Ianto Jones
19 August
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Photobucket Name:  Ianto Jones 
Age:  28 in the present; at his canon point he is 24.
DOB: August 19, 1983
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue 
Height: about 6 foot
Other Characteristics:  Excellent marksman, fact finder, quick thinking, resourceful, good under pressure. Some familiarity with select alien/ Extraterrestrial customs/weaponry. He, like Jack has his secrets, and gives up little about himself of his past. He claimed that his father was a master tailor, but it was later reviled that was not the truth. He is a conman, and possibly a better one than even the 'great' Jack Harkness himself. Having fooled him not only by hiding his partially converted Cyber-woman girlfriend in the basement of the Hub, but acquiring the job there at Torchwood 3 solely  so that he could do so and try to find a 'cure'. Through, out the series it is there are other more subtle examples of his deceptions none more evident than when Gwen confronts his sister after his death and speaks of how well she knew him only to have Rhiannon question whether she 'even knew him at all'. Ianto keeps most of his emotions tightly in check. He shows little on his features and normally maintains a fairly stoic neutral expression. He isn't without humor and often makes humorous witty one line dry remarks, that are often laced with sarcasm and deadpan humor. He plays himself to be more or less incapable, but is possibly one of best assets on the Torchwood staff.

Main Language: English
Second Language(s): Welsh

Current Physical Status: Top physical condition, within the limits of any normal human with typical physical training, combat/weapons skills. He has some psychic training that makes it difficult for him to be fooled by some more simple psychic tricks. 
Current Power Limitations: None other than those of any normal person. 

Informational Link:
[Link to Wikipedia.org]
Series (name of the series the character is from): Torchwood
"Real Life" Background: [link to a selection from SWS]